Community Focus Group International

Empowerment Hub For Teenage Mothers

Overview: Our businessaims to establish an empowerment hub deicated to training and empowering teenage mothers in essential skills like dressmaking tailoring, cooking, and cosmetology. By providing comprehensive vocational training and suupport, we aim to equip these young mothers with the necessary skills to build sustainable livelihoods and achieve financial independence.

Services Offered: 

Tailoring and Dressmaking Training: Comprehensive courses teaching garment construction, sewing techniques, and pattern-making.

Cooking Classes: Practical cooking lessons focusing on various cuisnes, nutrition,and culinary skills development.

Cosmetology Workshops: Training in basic beauty techiques, skincare, and cosmetics application.

Mission: To provide teenage mothers with access to quality vocational training, nurturing their skills and confidence to create sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

Vision: A community where teenage mothers are empowered with skills and opportunities to thrive independently, contributing positively to society.


1. Skills Development: Offer high-quality training programs to enhance their vocational  skills.

2.  Empowerment: Build confidence and sekf-sufficiency through mentorship snd support.

3. Sustainability: Foster ecdonomic independence by facilitating access to resources and opportunities.


- Empower teenage mothers with employable skills.

- Reduce economic vulnerability by enabling them to generate income.

- Promote social inclusion and empowerment in the community.

Approach: Collaborate with local organizations, employ skilled trainers, and provide a supportive environment that prioritizes the well-being and growth of theseyoung mothers.

Key Partnerships: Establish partnerships with local business es for apprenticeship opportunities, and collaborate with NGO's or Government Agencies for additional support services like childcare and counseling.

Differentiator: Our holistic approach not only imparts vocational skills but also emphasizes personal development, creating a supportive ecosystem for these young mothers to thrive.

Revenue Model: Revenue will be generated through CourseFfees, Sponsorships, Patnerships, and potentially a small business incubation program post-training.

Social Impact: This initiative aims to break cycles of poverty, promoting education, economic stability, and social integration for teenage mothers in our community.

The empowerment hub for teeage mothers offers several social benefits and impacts:

1. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: By providing vocational training, the hub equips teenage mothers with employabe skills, reducing their dependency on welfare systems and enabling them to generate income for themselvea and their  family. This breaks the cycle of proverty and dependence, fostering economic stability.




GlobaGiving 2023 Visit. Met with Sarah, discussed ways on how to strengthen our partnership going forward.