Community Focus Group International

Gender Dialogues Climate & Sustainable-Livelihoods

Summary: To initiate inclusive discussions within Kenya's coastal communities, focusing on preserving the ocean and cultivating a resilient, sustainable maritime economy. By prioritizing gender inclusivity, the project seeks to promote equitable strategies for ocean conservation and economic growth. collaborative dialogues, it aims to foster community engagement and develop strategies that empower all genders, ensuring a balanced and prosperous ocean-based economy while safeguarding marine ecosystems.

Challenge: Lack of inclusive approaches in current conservation and economic development initiatives within Kenya's coastal regions. This exclusion of diverse gender perspectives leads to inequitable distribution of benefits and insufficiently considers the crucial role women and marginalized genders play in both ocean conservation and the coastal economy. This oversight hampers effective and holistic solutions for preserving marine ecosystems while fostering sustainable economic growth.

Solution: This project aims to solve the problem by implementing inclusive dialogues that actively involve all genders in decision-making processes regarding ocean conservation and coastal economic development. It will create platforms for discussions, ensuring diverse perspectives are heard and integrated into policies and strategies. By actively engaging women and marginalized genders, the project seeks to address their unique needs and contributions, leading to more comprehensive and effective solution.

Long-Term Impact: Equitable Participation: Sustained inclusion of all genders in decision-making processes, ensuring diverse voices are considered in policies and initiatives related to ocean conservation and coastal economies. Enhanced Sustainability: Implementing holistic strategies that prioritize both conservation efforts and economic growth, leading to the long-term health and resilience of marine ecosystems and coastal communities. Empowerment and Education: Increased empowerment and education among women.