Community Focus Group International


Community Focus Group (CFG) has organized Human Rights based approaches Performing Arts Festivals. In the past several years, we held Five successful Festivals in Five  Regions in Kenya (Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Naivasha, and Nairobi) highlighting the role of the Youth in utilizing their Talents in disseminating Human Rights Based Approaches through the Performing Arts. The Artists were also able to bring out salient issues in Resource Mobilization, Peace Building, and Economic Empowerment. The Festival attracted 2,500 Performers and an approximated audience of over 10,400 People from the entire Five Regions that were adversely affected by the 2007/2008 Post Election Violence.

Community Focus Group (CFG) ​has successfully Organized Poetry and Storytelling Festivals, Trainings workshops, and Community outreaches using magnetic Performing Arts and Theatre.

Climate Change Justice and Conservation Using Arts

Our Project uses the Arts: Community Theater (Dancing, Drama, and Songs), Paintings, Fashion Shows (Climate Change dressing up), Drawings, and Documentaries, to depict the effects of Climate Change to our Community and bring it home. This hard topic is broken down and Communities engage and dialogue how to Prevent and Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change in our everyday life. We hope to reach at least 50 Schools and Faith based Organizations in our Community.

Many School going Children and Adults in our Community do not know what Climate Change is, its effects, and how it can be prevented. Climate Change as a topic is new to many in our Community, many lack Knowledge and Information on Climate Change yet the Effects are all around us.

Our Project will use the Arts to breakdown and bring home the topic of Climate Change to both Children and Adults in our Community especially in: Embakasi Central, Embakasi East, and Embakasi West, in Nairobi County. They will be able to understand Climate Change, its Effects, how we can Prevent it, Mitigate its Effects in our Communities and take responsibility of our Environment.

The Project will start by Educating 10 Schools with 1,000 Children per School using Creative Arts. We will also educate at least 5,000 Adults by using Community Theater on Climate Change Effects, Prevention, and Impact and how to Mitigate its Effects. This will Improve the Lives of many in the Nairobi County for Generations to come.

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