Community Focus Group International

Community Focus Group Centre

Community Focus Group has plans to construct a Centre, called The Community Focus Group Centre.

Our Community Centre will be: A Centre of Learning and Information.  A Rescue Center for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Survivors.  A Capacity Building Centre for Women, Girls, and Youth. It will be a Children Feeding Center for Vulnerable Children.

Community Focus Group has recognized certain problems that the Community Focus Group Centre will solve: The Centre will be a GBV Rescue Centre. A Capacity building Centre for Women, Girls, and Youth. Youth lack Constructive Opportunities and Activities. High rates of Juvenile Crime and Violence. Low exposure to and Knowledge of Foreign Cultures. Low levels of Education and High Drop-Out Rates. Very Low Family Income Levels.


The Community Focus Group Centre will be a GBV Rescue Center It will offer Constructive Opportunities and Activities to Hundreds of Children ages 5-20. It will be a Center of Learning, Sharing Information and Education. To help Enhance and establish Entrepreneurial Projects and Programs that can bring Financial Support to the Children, Women, Girls, and their Families. To offer more Programs and Opportunities in the, Arts and Sports, to the Youth of Kenya.

Long-Term Impact

The Community Focus Group Centre's long-term impact will be: To increase the Literacy and Education Level of the Children in the area. To Reduce the amount of Crime in the Community. To raise the Family Income Levels of the Families in the area and Reduce Poverty. To increase Youth Appreciation and Understanding of the Arts such as Poetry, Storytelling, Music, and Dance in Kenya to Protect Young Girls from Sexual Gender-Based Violence (SGBV). To build the capacity of Women and Girls in Leadership.

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