Community Focus Group International

COVID -19 Community Prevention Hygiene Project

Challenge: Community Focus Group is Launching the COVID-19 Prevention Hygiene Project to support Urban and Rural Communities in Kenya by slowing the Spread of COVID-19. Short Term and Long Term Goals of the Project: Continued Access to Safe Water; Promotion of Hand Washing; Disinfection of frequently Touched Communal Places; Face Masks for the most Vulnerable; Food Packets for the most Vulnerable during Lockdown or Shutdow.

Solution: Community Focus Group will support Communities across Urban and Rural Kenya, where 60% live in Urban Centers including Cities and 72.97% live in Rural areas by: Access to Safe Water; Promotion of Hand Washing and use of Sanitizers; Disinfection of Frequently touched Communal Places; Access to Face Masks, Emergency Painkillers, and Lozenges; Access to Emergency Food Packets within 3 months (90 Days).

Long-Term ImpactContinued access to Safe Drinking Water and General Hygienic use of Water in less Privileged areas in Collaboration with the National, County, and Local Government; Continued Community Awareness and Strictness to General Human Sanitation; Fumigation of Public Places and Protective Gears to Prevent further Infections and Spread of Covid - 19 Virus including taking Safety Measures with the Service Providers, Volunteers, and Staff, at the Battle Front in Combating further Spread of the Virus.

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It's called, By Grace. It's a home for orphans, disabled, and abandoned children. CFG took Rice, Cooking flour, Wheat flour, Maize flour, and Sweets for the children.