Community Focus Group International

Malindi Building Collapse 2018



Community Focus Group (CFG), Pamoja Kenya, and GlobalGiving, were able to mobilize some of the survivors of the building which collapsed in Malindi last year., and held a thanksgiving networking and prayers on the 25th of January 2019, from 11am to 4pm at the Soul Harvest church in Malindi. Bishop Patrick Mathole, Founder and Presiding Bishop, led the prayers and psyho-social counseling of the survivor's present: Mr. Anwar Mohammed, Mr. Salim Sultan, Mr. Peter Ndungu, Mama Njeri, Mwende, and Mama Emmanuel.

Both Mr. Anwar Mohammed and Mr. Peter Ndungu. were using crutches because both their limbs were hurt during the disaster. Ms. Mwana Siti Amisiwas not able to make it for the prayers as she was still heavily incapacitated, therefore we visited her at her home and gave her a briefing of the meeting and took her food and drinks.

We had a few challenges mobilizing the survivors because we were only given names by the local administration and no telephone numbers of the survivors and some of the survivors that were mobilized due to their injuries were not able to make it for the prayers and we therefore only had 7 survivors attending and participating at the function.

The survivors discussed their lives before and after the disaster and requested CFG and Pamoja Kenya to take the following request to the donors and friends that they require: Medicine and since they are not able to work and have dependents, some financial support to be able to put food on the table.