Community Focus Group International

Train 100 Young Women to Gain Skills in Kenya

The 100 Girls Project began in Feb. 2017. 100 Girls Project seeks to: Inspire, Mentor, Empower, and Rehabilitate 100 Teenage Mothers to enable them access to Motivational and Educational Opportunities through Training and Skill-Building.


Four hundred Adolescent Girls give birth daily, in our beautiful Country Kenya, and an estimated seventy thousand are expelled from School every year because of Pregnancy. Our Project provides vulnerable Teenage Mums with Reproductive Health  Information, life-Skills, and Training on Small-Scale Business to enable them to become economically Self-Sufficient. Community Focus Group (CFG)​ also builds their Self-Esteem, Communication, and Decisions-Making Skills to ensure they are not vulnerable to Sexual Abuse and are capable of making better decisions in the future because we believe when they get to know better they will do better.


Our Project provides opportunity for Remedial Lessons to enable them to resume Classes, get back to School to sit for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E.) or Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.), they also have Hands-On Training Skills in Hairdressing, Beauty, Cooking/Baking, and Entrepreneurship to ensure that the Teenage Mothers Launch, Market, and Sustain their business. We also have Workshops on Sexuality to build their Decision-Making Skills.  

Long-Term Impact

We will Mentor, Motivate, Rehabilitate, and Equip 1,000 teenage mothers with Educational, Leadership, Economic, and Life-Skills to ensure they are able to increase their Self-Esteem, Solidify their Incomes, and have the Skills to make informed Sexual Decisions in the future and aspire to have better structured Brighter Future for Themselves and their Children.

Current Situation

We have Four Teenage Mothers who are currently being trained in Hairdressing and 51 of them are in the waiting list, enthusiastic about being enrolled in the Program and having access to the Skills Training. We have the Opportunity to move to a bigger Working Space area where we can be Train and Equip the Girls with Skills in the Centre, therefore we require Money for Renting the space, buying 10 Computers, Printer, Scanner, Photocopy Machine, Generator, Projector, Tables, Chairs, and paying for the Administrative Expenses, Trainers, and Staff Salaries.  

Step One

We plan to start by having a Kitchen, Training Room, Crèche, and Dining Room.

Kitchen​: This will be the space for Cooking Lessons, Baking, and Feeding Program for the Girls, Children, and the Poor People in the Community. In this Kitchen the Girls will learn how to make Kenyan and Exotic dishes, learn to Bake Cakes for Weddings, Birthdays, and other occasions, Cakes for sale, and learn how to begin their own Restaurant or Bakery. The Feeding Program food will also be prepared in this kitchen and the Community will be welcomed to have a meal. The Kitchen requires Two Cookers, a Fridge, Jikos, Sufurias, Spoons, Knives, and Food. There will also be a Pantry where some Teenage Mothers can pick food when they do not have a Meal for their Children, therefore it will contain Maize Flour, Wheat Flour, Cooking Oil, Green Grams, Maize, Beans, Peas, and other kinds of food. 

Dining Room: This is the Meeting Place where the feeding of the Girls and the Poor of the Community will take place.

Crèche: This is the place where the Children of the Teenage Mothers will be taken care of, while their Mothers are learning. It requires Milk, Pampers, Diapers, Children Food, Plates, Spoons, Feeding Bottles, Clothes, Mattresses, Beds, and Blankets. We also require Two People to look after the Children while the Teenage Mothers are learning.

Training Room: Mentorship and Motivation is Key to inspire the Teenage Mothers to aspire to begin a Journey of Transformation which translate to changing the way they Think, Building their Self-Esteem, seeing a brighter Future for themselves, and their Young Families. The Training Room will be the Center for Training, learning Communication Skills, Learning to be a Good Mother. The Room will need the 10 Computers, Scanner, Printer, Photocopier, Generator, Chairs, Tables, Writing materials, Television, and Projector for watching Education and Motivational Movies.   

With a Donation of $25+, you will receive an Ebook of Pamela's Sing Africa Sing Book, instructions will be emailed.

​With a Donation of $50+, you will receive the Hardcopy of Pamela's Sing Africa Sing Book, instructions will be emailed.